The Festival

Why you should attend the festival ….

The Tribune Because your eye is important to us, because your experience in the film, television and new media is unique and to share with other women makes it universal, because together we give the strength of our vision by creating innovative activities, effective and enjoyable that reflect your needs, become a member or friend (s) (welcome to men!) is also full of other advantages …

About the Festival

This festival is designed for those who want the real thing! Three days in the Montreal with the best tutors who give body to move, give soul to blossom. Encourage ourselves and quiet beaches, good food and music. At the end of the day when your feet have been torn from workshops to release the higher self, to let myself float in salt water hot spa … A – P – v – and – c!

On the beach, instead of the deepest in the world, it is held for the 11th time the most spiritual festival pampering there. Thesis believe that spirituality does not contradict a treat. According to them a good sleep and a hot shower, they are a good practice, and music and joy of life is even more important. The festival also has guides and informational videos for women, talking about issues like inducing menstrual period, or other famine issues we never talk about.

This event combines workshops with the best facilitators in Canada, with an emphasis on dance, yoga, and meditation active. Let’s not forget, this is also a sunny vacation with all the luxuries of a hotel “Shadow Mountain” – a free spa, a pool, a private beach and fine dining



old montreal



Throughout the year, many come to our conferences, 5 to 7 and breakfasts talks. Take three hours of your time and go to the meeting of experts of all kinds: distributors, lawyers, marketing professionals, writers, financiers, insurers, producers. All will communicate their passion and inform you about every facet of their business.


FCTNM formations (are) available to all. Members benefit from very attractive rates. From storyboarding to the mix, the documentary feature film, the financial package marketing, training is in the form of conference, workshop or seminar a few days. The objective is concrete and the training is accessible yet comprehensive and professional.

Recommendation for the Fetival


If you are only offered a menu in English, you will also be asked to see the menu in the French.  Sometimes there is a special price list for tourists , which is much higher than usual. What to do? It is recommended that you write down a few food keywords in French and check their cost in the menu. If there is only a menu in English – this is usually a tourist restaurant with prices accordingly.
Here is a list of the best restaurants in Montreal


Entrance to the Old City – the entrance to the ancient cities is limited to local residents only. There are not always signs that warn and warn. Montreal is filled with cameras and an unauthorized vehicle will receive a report by mail (half a year after returning from a trip in Montreal, my neighbor got a $800 fine.


Shoes – One of the critical elements of a safe trip is the shoes you wear. It is advisable to wear shoes that are comfortable for you to wear, but even if it’s really comfortable, it does not include high heels! Good walking shoes have a rough, not smooth sole – this soles will help you avoid falling or falling. If you want to buy shoes for the festival; here is some articles that list the best shoes:
Flat feet shoes, best shoes for standing and walking, best shoes for plantar fasciitis